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christmas wallpapers

Merry Christmas Wallpapers, Xmas HD Desktop Backgrounds:- The is the beauty of being a citizen of India as you will get the chance to celebrate the vivid variety of festivals. The celebrations began with every month of the year, and final icing on cake stamped with the festival of Christmas to complete the year in full joy and celebration. Christmas has been such festival to unite everyone, and the whole world enjoys it. Although the 25 December, which is the Christmas Day is for Catholic people but in India, it is celebrated by the people of all religion. Catholic people celebrates the Christmas in the proper manner, of course, being a Catholic one celebrate childhood from very first year of life.

Merry Christmas wallpapers

Merry Christmas Wallpapers

But there are people from other religion who are not aware of the rituals and the ways to celebrate Christma. Well, we are here with the means to enable the people to know how to celebrate Christmas in India.

Christmas wallpapers

xmas wallpapers

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Merry Crismas wallpapers


1. Pre-Planning


This is mandatory to pre-plan the preparation for the Christmas on the last Sunday before Christmas. The head of the family needs to plan about the purchasing the material of celebrating the Christmas just like Tree, decorative material, and another thing. The church even plans everything before one week of Christmas. The housewives need to plan the sweets, desserts and other meals that she need to prepare on Christmas night.

2. Decorate Christmas Tree and lights the house.

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The Christmas is a colorful festival and Christmas tree is the pinnacle of this festival. People wakes up early in the morning of Christmas and get engaged in decorating Christmas tree with lights and other decorating stuff.

One can use the electronic decorating bulb to light up the whole house just like they used to do in Diwali. The numbers of people use handmade glowing stars and use it to decorate Christmas tree and their house. Although, the tradition id to decorate the christmas tree with ice, of course, it's not possible until you are celebrating Christmas in some cooler religion.

One can use the cotton to decorate the tree to give the impact of white ice.

3. Cook delicious food


Having delicious food is the vital cog of celebrating every festival in India. The Christmas food in India is mainly originated from the Goa and rest of the country simply adapted it.

The dishes like kuswar, Christmas fruitcakes, Kidiyo, Newrio, Savoury banana chips, crisp chaklis, sweet grated coconut, cardamom and cashew macaroons are the well knows eatable items that one can cook and serve to relatives to celebrate the Christmas.

One can also bake cakes and British pancakes if possible.

The tradition is to cook chicken for the Christmas dinner with sannas (steamed rice cakes). But, one can understand that there are a lot of vegetarian in the India so that they can accommodate them with traditional curry and rice.

4. Wear New Clothes

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The tradition to wear new and shining clothes is for every festival. On the morning of Christmas, one can wear new clothes and can join the Christmas prayer to the church and other Christmas events.

5. Christmas Eve


The important event of Christmas is the midnight mass. The churches began their service by singing the carol, and after the service, everyone wishes everyone Merry Christmas. One can also enjoy the cakes distributed by the church.

6. Christmas Morning


The tradition is to offer the present to everyone on the morning of Christmas. Although, in India, it is relatively rare but there is not a problem in gifting our loved one with their favorite stuff.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas touched with wonder and filled with love...

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